2die4 Productions, Inc. is the production company of James Marino. In the past couple of years, James has produced CDs for projects such as Live at the West Bank Café, Christiane Noll, Darrin Baker’s What’s a Nice Girl Like You… and two new musicals The Prince and The Pauper and Z The Masked Musical, based on the story of Zorro. He has participated in theatre, film and television projects as a producer, actor and production manager. James has worked in Investment Banking for Lehman Brothers and Over-The-Counter trading for Goldman Sachs. He has produced the workshops, readings and productions of a new musical, The Prince and The Pauper (based on Twain’s novel). Involvement in other productions include regional productions of Peter Pan (producer) and Dames at Sea (associate producer), Central Park West (actor), Law & Order (actor) and is currently the US distributor of Killing Rasputin and Judi Connelli, Live in London, both CDs which were produced by D&G Entertainment of London.

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